The first step in commissioning a custom piece is to contact Sarah for an initial discussion about what you are looking for and how she can help.  This first discussion usually happens via email but can be done through phone call or messages.  

From there, Sarah will book an appointment with you for a personalised design consultation.  This private appointment may take place in-person at her Adelaide city studio or via avideo/phone call and is handled with sensitivity and secrecy if needed.  This appointment is a no-pressure opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, start to develop your design and for Sarah to share her expertise on topics such as diamonds, gemstones and gold with you.  


After your appointment together, Sarah will offer a series of initial designs which will be communicated through a combinations of sketches, inspiration images and reference images sent via email.  After you have indicated your preferences, Sarah will further refine your design by sketching options for each element which makes up the design.  Realistic colour drawings, computer renderings and sample models are all ways Sarah will use to communicate your design and make sure you feel ready to take the next step in the process.  Through the design process Sarah will offer practical advice and information on how the design can be worn and how it will age over time.

Initial quotes can be given at this stage with final pricing to happen after materials selection.


When ready, Sarah will source choices for the gemstones, diamonds and other materials needed for your design in close consultation with you.  Ideally another appointment would be made for you to select your diamond/gem in person, however photos, videos and information can be sent via email if this isn't possible.  You may also leave this step up to Sarah if you would prefer her to use her expertise tomake this selection for you.

Detailed quotes will be provided at this stage and the final details of your design will be decided upon. 

Next, an invoice will be sent to you with all of the details of your piece, it is a requirement that payment be processed before making may begin.  


Following payment, Sarah will begin making your piece.  It may take between 1 - 4 weeks or more, Sarah will give you an idea of your individual timing during your design consultation appointment.  She will keep in touch with you as the making unfolds and let you know as soon as your piece is finished.  Rest assured your deadline will be met. When finished, your piece can be collected in person, or couriered with a secure insured carrier anywhere in the world!

This is not the end of the journey ...Sarah gives lifetime after-sales service on all of her pieces and is there to help with anything you may need with insurance, repairs and more.