Sarah Green's jewellery is made using precious metals and as such can sustain damage if not taken care of.  The better you care for your jewellery the longer it will retain it's beauty and functionality.

Please avoid wearing your pieces of jewellery when swimming, especially chlorinated water.  Remove your jewellery when performing manual labour or at the gym or other situations where they may come into rough contact.


Store your pieces at home and when travelling in individual pouches or boxes to avoid scratches, dents and chipped gemstones.  Keep your jewellery in soft, cool, dark places away from plastic to slow the tarnishing process.


Remove the build up of 'dirt' from your pieces by soaking them in a bowl of warm water with a generous squeeze of dishwashing detergent.  Use a brush, such as a soft toothbrush or paintbrush, to scrub gemstone setting areas and crevices then rinse well with the same temperature water and dry thoroughly with plain tissues.  Use a jewellery polishing cloth to restore some shine to the surface of gold and silver pieces, be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions.  Sarah recommends "Hagerty's" or "Connoisseur's" brand cleaners, silver dip from these companies can be great for removing tarnish but be sure to rinse thoroughly after use and do not use on pearl pieces.  Sarah recommends cleaning your pieces as often as possible!  'Dirt' build up can harden and become difficult to remove if not regularly cleaned. 


It is recommended that pieces with gemstones, in particular diamonds, should be checked by Sarah at least once a year.  The setting areas holding your gemstones can loosen or wear down so need some extra attention and repair over time. 

All pieces made by Sarah can be repolished to remove scratches and dents and return your piece to a beautiful condition again.  Please contact Sarah directly to organise this.


Sarah's white gold pieces are coated with a layer of rhodium plating as is industry standard, and this will rub off with time and wear.  Your white gold piece can be re-plated as needed, while performing this maintenance Sarah can simultaneously check the gemstone settings and repolish the gold.  Depending on how often you wear your piece and the characteristics of it, you will need to have the re-plating service around every 12 months.  Your piece needs re-plating when the darker grey colour of the white gold underneath shows through and the gemstones look dark, cloudy and dull.  Please contact Sarah directly to organise this service.  


Gold plating is only a thin surface layer of gold with silver underneath so can wear away over time.  If you are wearing your gold plated piece every day this may happen faster than if you wear your piece occasionally instead.  To clean your gold plated piece use warm water and detergent as detailed above but avoid using chemicals and polishing cloths as this may wear off the gold plating faster.


Pearls are particularly soft and vulnerable to damage.  They are usually secured to your piece with a two-part epoxy glue which can loosen over time.  Please do not wear your pearls in water at all and avoid any contact with chemicals including perfume to maintain the pearl's lovely lustre and ensure your pearls stay secure.  If you find your pearl moving or spinning, do not wear this piece and once again contact Sarah directly to organise maintenance.  


If your precious piece sustains damage, contact Sarah directly to arrange repairs.   If you notice your gemstone moving around or 'clicking', or if there are sharp edges on a piece stop wearing it, store it in a pouch or box and arrange with Sarah to have it checked.


For all question and concerns big and small, please contact Sarah directly at



Your purchase will ship within 1 - 3 business days if your chosen piece is in stock. Otherwise you will be contacted with an approximate shipping date via email, please allow 1 - 3 weeks for manufacture or engraving. If your order is urgent or needed for a special occasion please contact Sarah directly before purchase to organise.  

Shipping costs and timing are determined by Australia Post or FedEx please choose carefully.

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Please ensure you have provided the correct shipping information, should you realise an error has occurred please contact immediately.

Sarah Green can not be liable for any late, missed or lost deliveries caused by postal and delivery services. To avoid this we recommend nominating a trusted address you will be at during the day, or a PO Box.

Please contact Sarah directly if you require any further information or have any questions.


As a general rule Sarah Green does not accept returns, however each case will be considered individually.

If you wish to return your purchase you must contact us within a week of delivery.  The piece must be returned with its original packaging in an unworn state.  Sarah will not accept returns if you have taken your piece to another jeweller to have altered in any way (including engraving).

We do not accept returns or refunds on custom commissioned pieces but will endeavour to alter where possible as stated in your invoice.

If you wish to make a return you must contact Sarah at first before shipping your piece back so we can be aware. All instructions regarding postage on returns must be followed strictly to avoid losses and theft.

All shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

Rest assured Sarah's main concern is that you are happy with your purchase and have an amazing experience!

For any questions or concerns contact Sarah directly.


All prices listed are in AUD and are subject to change at any time.

Photography and descriptions of pieces available for purchase are as accurate as possible with minimal photo editing intended to give an accurate depiction of the piece. Measurements and weights can vary slightly due to the nature of individually hand crafted jewellery.

Ring resizing within 1 size is offered complimentary for one time only after purchase, however it is the responsibility of the customer to provide an accurate size initially.

Cancellations of orders will be considered on a case by case basis, if you would like to cancel your order or have made a mistake please contact Sarah direct immediately. The cancellation must be raised before manufacture and shipping has occurred or the customer will need to pay shipping and handling charges.

Sarah Green offers a limited warranty on the manufacture quality of her pieces but can not be held responsible for wear and tear or damage caused either by accident or on purpose. The precious materials used in Sarah Green Fine Jewellery's pieces are malleable and therefore susceptible to damage, it is up to the wearer to take care of their pieces. Care instructions can be found above or email Sarah directly at mail@sarahgreenfinejewellery for specific questions.

For all concerns or questions not answered here in the please contact Sarah directly.