Jewellery Buying Consultation

Are you looking for an important piece of jewellery but have no idea where to start?

Sarah Green provides a jewellery buying consultation service where she will give advice and canaccompany you to jewellery shops to purchase, give advice and direction via email/phone or facilitate your purchase through private jewellers across Australia with a focus on Adelaide.

After working in the jewellery industry for over 12 years across the retail, design and art sectors Sarah has a wealth of exposure and experience that makes her your perfect ally to braving the complicated nature of purchasing jewellery.  Sarah has specialised in diamond selection and design in regards to engagement and wedding rings for the last 5 years so is equipped with insider information to help guide you through diamond grading and what to look for, how to choose the best design for your needs and how to look for the best value for money.  The jewellery retail environment can be very pressured and intimidating so Sarah aims to save you the time spent on online research, give you confidence, help you get the best piece of jewellery for the best price and help you avoid the pitfalls and scams.  She prides herself on 'knowing her stuff' in all areas of the buying process from the practical side to the feminine point of view on what would suit the person you may be buying for.

If this is a service that interests you contact Sarah here, consultation fees vary due to your needs but a no obligation quote can be provided up front.